The night I cannot remember

Needless to say, I have been loosing some sleep over the past few months regarding a topic that was bought up at my 21st birthday party. Luckily, I was able to depart the country days later in avoidance of explaining the context of the ‘sex-position competition’ which so happened to reveal itself throughout the speech […]

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Mayhem in Marseille

To say the past six hours in Marseille were the most stressful six hours of my life is a complete understatement. I am unsure how to put into words what I just experienced while trying to board my plane to Spain to meet up with my travelling family. It all started early this morning as […]

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Home is where the heart is

Bloody Hell, I’ve done it again. A few weeks ago I lost my credit card…for second time this year…in a foreign country. The first time, occurred on the Island of Koh Phangan during girls night out, meaning, somewhere between the the bars, the drive and the stumbled walk to our room, I misplaced my card. Which […]

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Exposed in darkness

The other day I was asked what my most embarrassing moment was, instantly my mind raced down the main highway of my brain to a time when nothing in this world could match the colour flooding my cheeks as I faced a wee Thai man who quite possibly saw, what no man has seen before. I have […]

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The OCD Traveller

To say I have some OCD tendencies may be quite an understatement. I take pride in my clothing, which can prove packing to be quite a difficult task. I like to shower at least twice a day, which may sometimes be impossible, unless of course you use the bucket and hole of dirty water provided […]

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Adventurer vs. Procrastinator

Its been four years since I left high school, four years to discover who I am, four years to make the ‘big decisions’, heck, I’ve had four years to find my husband. But here I am, rolling through the ‘Golden Twenties’ with one year of a business degree, one year of bible college and six different countries, only […]

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