Happy to be Home?

Since arriving back on New Zealand soil I think it is fair to say I have repeated my story at least 34 1/2 times, obviously some a little more censored than others… “Honestly Nan, my understanding of the Catholic movement in the Vatican City flourished after my guided tour” Needless to say the retelling process […]

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Blog of Boredom Remedies

For the past week and half I have been stationed in the middle of Spain, quite literally the middle of what currently seems like a semi-green desert. Bunking in a small village which consists of a couple of widows and some stray cats, I have spent majority of my time watching Gilmore Girls and eating […]

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Adult Shmadult

Realising your getting older is a very scary thought, one that cannot be avoided and unfortunately one that cannot go unnoticed. Having recently turned twenty-one, and yes I know that many of you still think I am a baby, I could not help but have a breakdown over the fact that my next ‘big and […]

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My Green Tea

It feels like only yesterday I took my first sip of steamy green tea, the heat rising to my face as I carefully lifted my slightly too hot mug with extra care to my quivering lips. It was love at first taste. Since then, the once ‘past time’ has turned into something of an obsession. […]

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Funeral Fun

Today I had the odd, yet enlightening experience of attending a Funeral Expo while here in England. The family I currently nanny for are involved in the funeral industry, and had been exhibiting their business over the weekend. And like any normal Funeral Trade show, Sunday happened to be ‘bring your children to work/funeral expo day’. […]

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Mistake Making Machine

Although it goes by without saying that as humans we make many mistakes in our lifetime, I feel it is my duty to own up to the fact that I have most definitely made more than your average Joe. Many a nights, I have sat wondering why it is, that I am so prone to […]

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Double-Chinned Cookie Monster

I promise myself every night before I go to sleep, “Emma, tomorrow is the day you start working on the transformation of your body”. Yet, most mornings, I sleep through my gym alarm, grab a huge bowl of porridge and roll through my day with very little self-control when passing the pantry. I have done my fair […]

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