Info on yah gurl

Hello world, this is me…

This blog is something of an experiment, I never seriously considered myself a writer, in fact I still don’t. But here I am receiving compliments on my style of writing, I’m actually not quite sure what they mean by ‘style’, or what my style is, but it makes me feel sophisticated and arty, so I’ll take it! I have to admit, I also enjoy people telling me I’m funny, I’ve been laughing at myself for years, I think Im hilarious!

The facts

I am 21 years of age, I am a female and a really good driver. I am now four years out of high school, and currently not in my home country, New Zealand. I live for adventure, when I don’t want to stay at home in my underwear, which is often. I am supposedly gluten-free but I have human rights and I will train myself to keep it together after six sandwiches. I have terrible taste in men, and I will continue to counsel myself in changing my hunting and gathering skills. And lastly, I am in love with tension, I absolutely love grey areas, so if you want to think and ponder over the worlds greatest issues and conflicts with me….hola!


6 thoughts on “Info on yah gurl

  1. Em you truely amaze me. It is 3am and I read every blog post laughing and cringing my way through your accounts on life as Emma. Keep writing girl my email will be waiting. Love you always my wall twerker. Xxxx


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