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For the past week and half I have been stationed in the middle of Spain, quite literally the middle of what currently seems like a semi-green desert. Bunking in a small village which consists of a couple of widows and some stray cats, I have spent majority of my time watching Gilmore Girls and eating freshly delivered bread with a good lather of butter. The afternoon heat waves have been restricting outside play to a twenty minute  maximum, and the lack of ‘entertainment/social life’ leaving Instagram and Facebook as my one source to vicariously live through the lives of those having brunch with their mums on a Monday morning.

With only a week to go until I embark on a rather exciting and crazy journey throughout Europe, it seems as if I should put some effort into making the most of my time in this small old town. A few days ago I created a ‘Boredom Remedies Bowl’ for the children, full of ideas and games to keep them company while the parents work and I try to avoid playing the same card game for the sixteenth time that day.

It is fair to say I now consider myself a rather creative individual, my bowl of remedies full of fabulous activities such as ‘spin around in circles until you get dizzy’ working wonders on the children throughout the long afternoons. And with this great accomplishment under my belt, I feel I should only continue to build on this new found phenomenon, and with that I introduce to you… the blog of boredom remedies (for adults)

Here are my six top tips for when you get bored at work, at home or in the middle of Spain…

1. Click onto your friend’s, or random’s…profile picture on Facebook and press the left arrow key, taking you back to their very first profile picture. This is not only extremely entertaining, but may also help with the customary ‘birthday photo’ post.

2. Learn a tongue twister. Find a super hard tongue twister and practice it till you have it on lock. Not only will you walk away feeling accomplished, you also have a brand new party trick to whip out when the conversation starts lacking.

3. Try and make up a new form of exercise. For example, my dream is to create a whole new way of exercising that can be done while sitting down, therefore allowing muscle defining opportunities while driving a car. I will call my company ‘Car Crunch’ and it will consist of mini ‘squeezing exercises’ that leave your butt and abs feeling toned and tight.

4. Listen to a ‘Top Hits Playlist’ on youtube from another country, preferably in another language. I would suggest the Spanish Top Hits as this has been my latest groove. But I cannot move on without mentioning the Thai Pop Music, this is a genre of its own and not one to missed. You never know, you may just find your new favourite tune.

5. Massage your face. I am not joking, stop reading for a second and just roll your cheeks around in circles, is that not that the best feeling ever. I urge you to explore your face, pinch, squeeze and stretch your skin into random awkward angles and find your new face time heaven.

6. Research a random event in history and become an expert in that area. Then the next time some snobby uni student start talking about the exponential growth of…something smart. You can turn around and whip out the historical background of the shape of a heart, and how it began with the Romans who had an effective natural contraceptive. It was a plant called Silphium, and the shape of the seed is where we get the traditional heart ♥ shape we all recognize as a symbol of love. #nailedit

And this, my friends, is what I will be doing over the next week.

Buenas Noches


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