Spanish spiders plan fierce attack on innocent traveller

So it seems the Spanish spider community has taken revenge on the ‘baby spider down drain’ incident a few days ago.

In the space of 48 hours I have been stalked and preyed upon by countless species.

Just yesterday I awoke from my afternoon nap, eyes readjusting and dribble ceasing I came face to face with a giant brown spider. Directly above me on the ceiling, licking his lips while he watched me sleep.

Luckily I awoke in time to interrupt his evil schemes, forcing his retreat to the corner. Darting to the stairs, I fled, not quite yet awake, in search of a man with good insect skills!

*Thank you Evan for your siwsh vacuum cleaner movements and attention to detail, sifting through the dusty remains to put my heart at ease.

But apparently there is no rest for the wicked, because I just ran from my bathroom after meeting eyes with a big black spider in my bath tub. The nerves of this guy, acting all cool while he ‘chills’ on the side of my tub, when I so clearly needed to wash my hair. Leaving me in ‘concern mode’ and once helped with his disposal, I was left to hang my head over the tub and wash my hair in a ‘ready to run and scream’ position.

So I am currently camping on the couch due to heat wave issues, phone light at the ready incase the next guy wants to come along and scare me. But in any case, I just wanted to let you all know I may not survive tonight, for I may have turned into the Spider’s sunday roast.


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