My Green Tea

It feels like only yesterday I took my first sip of steamy green tea, the heat rising to my face as I carefully lifted my slightly too hot mug with extra care to my quivering lips. It was love at first taste.

Since then, the once ‘past time’ has turned into something of an obsession. A hobby that not only finds its way into many of my conversations, whether that be with friends, family or dare I say it, into a job interview. It has also come to consume my thoughts and day to day life.

On average, I have around three to four cups of green tea a day and I have been doing this for around three to four years. But considering my serious commitment issues, I question my dedication to this ball of herby goodness. How could this life enriching drink stand the test of time, or more importantly, stand the test of my time.  Of course it is fair to say, like any close relationship, we have had our ups and downs.

The Tuesday night crotch burning incident will never be forgotten, having just sat down for a fresh cup, Samson, the obese diabetic cat jumped up wanting his 6:49pm cuddle. However, considering I hadn’t touched the cat since I accidentally injected myself with his insulin a few months prior, his coming to me was rather out of the blue. Rather taken aback, forgetting the cup of very very hot substance in my hand, I lurched my body forward in defence mode blocking his forward approach. All of which resulted in boiling water, spilling down onto my crotch, which then melted my pyjama pants to my skin, only to be ripped off and flung to the other side of the room in hysterics. To this day, the scars can still be seen, well…in bikini wax season…

Yet, after being scared for life by the one I love, this liquid gold still seems to keep its hold on my heart. No matter how many times I forget about my morning cup, left sometimes for days sitting and stewing, turning mums new cream mugs slightly green, it never lets me down.

Having travelled the world, I have sought out many a different flavours and infusions of what in its most simple form, is just green tea. Yet with a slight twist of lemon, or a hint of mint, the explosion of flavour and burst of warmth, etches its way to my heart, leaving its long lasting effects. I will never be the same…

This my friends, is my ode to green tea

You the real MVP


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