Waddling Wednesday…

Two days ago I set out to go on a run, only to pause and reconsider the matter, knowing full well, after a long break, my knee tends to shed light on why man was made to walk. So instead I chose an alternative form of exercise, also known as a ‘leg day’. Having shut myself in the lounge, with a sheet of exercises infront of me, I set out to move my body in ways it hadn’t been forced into for a few months. With just under 45 minutes under my belt, I called quit and focused in on my shivering legs as they struggled not to buckle under my own weight.

It has been two days since I set out on my crazy conquest to exercise, and I am still having to use the sink to lower myself onto the toilet seat. Not only that, I have also restricted myself to my bedroom only when its time to sleep and time to rise, as it not only has a set of stairs up, but a few down.

Moral of the story…Leg day is bull crap and I want a burger…

Heres a drawing…


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