The night I cannot remember

Needless to say, I have been loosing some sleep over the past few months regarding a topic that was bought up at my 21st birthday party. Luckily, I was able to depart the country days later in avoidance of explaining the context of the ‘sex-position competition’ which so happened to reveal itself throughout the speech […]

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My Green Tea

It feels like only yesterday I took my first sip of steamy green tea, the heat rising to my face as I carefully lifted my slightly too hot mug with extra care to my quivering lips. It was love at first taste. Since then, the once ‘past time’ has turned into something of an obsession. […]

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Mayhem in Marseille

To say the past six hours in Marseille were the most stressful six hours of my life is a complete understatement. I am unsure how to put into words what I just experienced while trying to board my plane to Spain to meet up with my travelling family. It all started early this morning as […]

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Funeral Fun

Today I had the odd, yet enlightening experience of attending a Funeral Expo while here in England. The family I currently nanny for are involved in the funeral industry, and had been exhibiting their business over the weekend. And like any normal Funeral Trade show, Sunday happened to be ‘bring your children to work/funeral expo day’. […]

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Waddling Wednesday…

Two days ago I set out to go on a run, only to pause and reconsider the matter, knowing full well, after a long break, my knee tends to shed light on why man was made to walk. So instead I chose an alternative form of exercise, also known as a ‘leg day’. Having shut myself […]

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Home is where the heart is

Bloody Hell, I’ve done it again. A few weeks ago I lost my credit card…for second time this year…in a foreign country. The first time, occurred on the Island of Koh Phangan during girls night out, meaning, somewhere between the the bars, the drive and the stumbled walk to our room, I misplaced my card. Which […]

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Mistake Making Machine

Although it goes by without saying that as humans we make many mistakes in our lifetime, I feel it is my duty to own up to the fact that I have most definitely made more than your average Joe. Many a nights, I have sat wondering why it is, that I am so prone to […]

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