How to get an ‘A’ in adoption

After the number of hits my previous adoption post received, I have decided to head down this road for a little while and see if there is a need that I could possibly meet. I will however, try to balance it out with some humorous past-time stories as well as the odd drawing, just to keep you on your toes…

So, you have decided to take on the role as parents to a child that may not resemble Great Aunt June and her scary nose hairs. Not to worry, there are many wonderful things within the ‘unknown’ world of adoption that are just bursting with surprise throughout the parenthood journey. I, however, am not speaking from experience as I am only twenty-one and have no intention of looking after any human being but myself, which is most probably a slight side effect of ‘only child syndrome’. I am however, the lucky recipient of two wonderful parents who did enter the whimsical unknown world of adoption. That’s right folks, this beauty right here is adopted, and totally owning it.

When browsing Google – the all-encompassing bearer of knowledge, I discovered there are very little, if any, blogs that discuss adoption from a child’s point of view.  Which got me thinking, why don’t we talk about it, is the topic too awkward and weird for people to discuss, I certainly don’t think so. My parents did not raise me to ‘walk on ice’ and sneak around the topic of my adoption, but instead we’ve celebrated and encouraged discussion around it. And although I am no longer a child, I have a great memory and am currently living in the blessings and benefits of my parents ‘stick at it’ attitude when parenting my understanding, self-controlled and patient five-year old self.

Therefore, my plan over the next couple of weeks is to pinpoint the ‘What the F@*$ is happening’ moments that my parents and I faced when figuring one another out, covering both the childhood and teen years. My hope is that I can give some peace and comfort to those who are thinking of, or currently raising kids who have been adopted. You are not an alien, and I’m sure your child isn’t either – no promises. But adoption is not something that should be kept secret and put in the ‘awkward’ box, instead it should be celebrated and welcomed into our communities as the completely accepted and special gift that it is.


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