Where the heck art thou, Romeo?

Throughout the past three to four years I have dreamed, planned and saved for my twenty-first birthday party, a milestone to be celebrated and remembered. I had it sussed, hundreds of people in long silk gowns, my body miraculously similar to that of Megan Fox and most importantly my dashing long-term boyfriend sharing a few words on our recent trip to Bali…

However, instead I had those I loved squished into a backyard, dressed as Mexican’s, sipping on my mother’s non-alcoholic concoction – an unfamiliar territory for her. The night couldn’t have gone any better, noise control turned up to bring back those high school memories, my family continued to love me after the speeches and my bank account welcomed some new digits. But something was missing, where the heck was my ‘3-year long’ boyfriend to let my nana know their was a possibility of grandchildren…

My seventeen year old self would have been ashamed! Twenty-one and still no boyfriend. It’s not like I haven’t tried, I shave my legs at least once every three weeks, I wear mascara AND eyeliner for special occasions. I even workout, mainly to relieve some ‘minor’ anger issues but also so I can go on lots of dates and eat everything! So all I want to know is, where have I gone wrong?

So many of my friends are in incredible relationships, building one another up and investing into one another’s futures. All the while, I watch eleven episodes of some reality TV show while making three or four dinners along the way. I mean, obviously this proves I’m not actually desperate enough to go out there and do something about it, but it would be nice, if next time I order pizza, the dilvery guy is actually a Maori, Law Student who’s just finished some sort of recreational sports practice and is just funding his loan free degree.

But what I really want to know is, should I be as concerted as my mother? If my cleanly shaved legs aren’t doing the trick, what will? When tinder isn’t the solution, what is? So many bloody questions and Cosmo Magazine just won’t give me the answers!

Needless to say I have, along the way, been honoured with some friendly wisdom, that I will kindly share with you, followed by my immediate response.

“When you stop waiting, he will come” – First of all, Bull Crap, second of all, shut up, you have a boyfriend!


“Church is the best place to meet your man” – Incest is an impending threat to my friend group within church and I am in no way going to take that risk!


“Maybe you need to work on some things before you are truely ready” – I am smart, I am kind, I am important #stillwaiting

Don’t get me wrong, I have some incredible leaders and friends in my life who challenge and guide me on this crazy spinning planet. And yes, much to their relief, I have learned from past mistakes and have let those things shape and change me into a somewhat mature woman. But this still doesn’t change the fact that I am gradually waving goodbye to the ‘normal’ years of not having a boyfriend and entering the “what’s wrong with her” years…

My whole life I have grown up thinking, Romeo will come in and sweep me off my feet, courting me AND my best friends, winning all of our approvals, to end with a sexy hunk, down one knee while I try to keep my hands from nervously sweating as he places the ring on my finger. Twenty-one years down and only a few prime years to go, so where the heck art thou Romeo?


5 thoughts on “Where the heck art thou, Romeo?

  1. HAHAHA I just saw your link on instagram and had to stalk – really cool blog!!! I have to say I hate to think you younger ones are looking at us slightly older ones going “what’s wrong with her”!!! And I know we don’t know each other so I’ll tell you I had the same thoughts, and I always thought I would be one of those younger brides because I was so prepared for marriage. But I didn’t meet anyone so carried on doing my own thing, moved to London and in my last month there, I met a guy. Doh. Luckily the stars aligned for us (and I will be 27 when we plan to get married, but not engaged yet so shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch) but I’m so glad I didn’t settle for just any one. And he’s not a Christian which is potentially interesting but he supports my faith and everything else wholeheartedly which is the main thing. So yes, I agree with your points – I certainly didn’t meet my man at church and I’m pretty sure I was all worked through my issues by about 16! Good luck! The wait sucks, but at least you can be sure it’ll happen one day, you’re too gorgeous to not be snapped up by your romeo!
    ALSO I have a degree and am working hospo anyway, so go figure.


  2. Hahaha…. I love this read. You don’t really want a serious man in your life at 21 do you??? Far too much to do and to see before that commitment, shitty nappies and four hourly feeds! After numerous boyfriends from whom I ran as soon as they mentioned marriage (which was normally within two months of meeting!), I married just four months short of my 30th birthday. It was a whirlwind affair but the agreement to marriage probably had more to do with my much loved father always saying ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’!! Live with that! Well I was ‘the bridesmaid’ seven times – or maybe it was eight! One child later, fast forward to the day of my seventh wedding anniversary when I find myself sitting opposite my intended divorce lawyer in her Chambers! Cut a long story short, life is full of surprises and another child later, my second husband and I have just celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary! I have no plans for a third husband!

    Keep writing! I do!


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