Frick, Friday…

Majority of the time Friday is fabulous, sometimes Friday is a little slow, other times Friday comes around and slaps you in the face with a giant fish and yells at you for making it this far in the week… I ripped my drawing Advertisements

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Exposed in darkness

The other day I was asked what my most embarrassing moment was, instantly my mind raced down the main highway of my brain to a time when nothing in this world could match the colour flooding my cheeks as I faced a wee Thai man who quite possibly saw, what no man has seen before. I have […]

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The OCD Traveller

To say I have some OCD tendencies may be quite an understatement. I take pride in my clothing, which can prove packing to be quite a difficult task. I like to shower at least twice a day, which may sometimes be impossible, unless of course you use the bucket and hole of dirty water provided […]

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Double-Chinned Cookie Monster

I promise myself every night before I go to sleep, “Emma, tomorrow is the day you start working on the transformation of your body”. Yet, most mornings, I sleep through my gym alarm, grab a huge bowl of porridge and roll through my day with very little self-control when passing the pantry. I have done my fair […]

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