Church Kid

First things first, I just want to clarify how bloody happy I am that 2016 is over. For me, 2016 was a year of idiocy and maturity… both of which intertwined through a spiral of personal choices and incomprehensible circumstances. As a blossoming twenty-two year old, the world was my oyster, and my decisions were […]

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Simply Strung

At the end of last year, I grabbed my empty journal, a book with little use, other than a few torn pages for the odd supermarket list and work schedule… and set out to one of my most favourite places in Auckland… Piha Beach… a short – yet somewhat time consuming – journey to the […]

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Jumping into Oblivion

You know those irrational fears that cripple your very soul when confronted in extremely normal circumstances. For instance, when you find yourself trembling in the back seat of a car, with a heightened awareness of the placement of your feat in order to avoid the rails in which a seat slides back and forth… ensuring […]

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Happy to be Home?

Since arriving back on New Zealand soil I think it is fair to say I have repeated my story at least 34 1/2 times, obviously some a little more censored than others… “Honestly Nan, my understanding of the Catholic movement in the Vatican City flourished after my guided tour” Needless to say the retelling process […]

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